Dwight Phillips was born and raised in Decatur Georgia. His journey to the Olympics began when he was ten years old after watching Carl Lewis win 4 gold medals in Los Angeles in 1984. He comes from an athletic family where he was the third born of four. Early on he was faced with adversity when he suffered a broken leg in a motorcycle accident and was told he would not be able to particapte in sports again. Nevertheless, he overcame that misfortune and became a 4x state champion while in high school, an eight time All American at Arizona State University and secured a spot on the 2000 Olympic Team in Sydney Australia. At his first Olympic experience he finished 8th place, however four years later he struck Olympic gold in Athens Greece. Furthermore, Dwight won 5 World Championships and 6 USA Championships, making him one of the most decorated athletes in USA history. He attributes his success to hard work, sacrifice, commitment and the will to never give up.

4 Pillars To Success


We are all blessed with an athletic ability. However, the reality is not everyone is going to break world records or win Olympic and World Championship medals but everyone can work hard, be optimistic and commit themselves to being the very best athlete they can possibly be. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. 

Work Ethic

We are all working towards being unconsciously competent in sports or our professional careers. The key to unraveling success lies within how hard and strategic you work.  



Henry Ford made the famous quote "Whether think you can or you can't-- you're right." It is imperative that you have 100 percent confidence in your coach, training philosophy and personal goals. Any doubt or pessimistic thoughts will leave you disappointed and frustrated. Therefore, it is important that you surround yourself with the proper support system so that you can have confidence every step towards accomplishing your goals.


The road to the top isn't an easy task. It may take 1 year or 7 years to reap the benefits of the long tireless hours of training. Nonetheless you are what you repeatedly do and if you consistently execute the proper mechanics eventually you will achieve your athletic potential.