Nearly 3 years ago I began writing an autobiography and didn't know the proper channels to go about publishing it so three weeks ago I made a decision that I would write a daily blog to share my story until it is done. The beautiful part about life is that everyone has a unique story but often times they go untold. Maybe some of my stories or experiences can help people get through a tough time or prevent them from making some of the many mistakes I've made throughout my life. My story goes like this:  

As a child it was typical for children to play outside after school and quite often we would play different sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. We were quite creative during those times due to the limited resources and I can recall taking a bicycle rim, cutting out the spokes and nailing the remnants of the wheel to a wooden back board to produce our own homemade basketball goal. Our imaginations were limitless and we never allowed our lack of resources to stop us from emulating the likes of Jerry Rice, Magic Johnson, Carl Lewis, Joe Montana and all of the other relevant stars during the time. I knew that sports would shape my perspective on life because my father was an incredible athlete and my two elder brothers were standout athletes and it was a dream of mine to follow in their footsteps to create my own legacy. 

On a late evening at the age 10 years old my friends and I were outside playing football. I can remember Apollo throwing me a pass and upon completion I stormed down the street trying to emulate every move of the late Walter Payton maneuvering to avoid being tackled on the hard pavement. Yes we played tackle football on the pavement back in those days! Anyhow, as I eluded my defenders,  I ran into the end zone in a celebratory fashion talking trash shouting every explicative that a child my age should not have been saying. Suddenly from afar my friend Timothy screamed "move out of the way, move." As I tried to move I fell on the ground and BOOM was hit by a motorcycle traveling at 70 miles per hour in a residential neighborhood. Still dazed and unsure of what transpired I attempted to stand before crumpling into a heap in the same spot where I went down. It was apparent that my leg was broken but I did not know the severity. As I laid on the hard concrete I began to cry when I realized that my bone had pierced through my skin.  Not long after the ambulance arrived and I was rushed to the hospital. During my transit I remember hearing the terrifying words from one of the paramedics saying"he may never walk again." Those words really resonated with me and I began to cry even harder.  The only thing I could think of was not being able to walk or play sports again. It felt like all of my dreams had been shattered.The grace of GOD spared my life and later I would learn that the only reason the accident wasn't fatal was because I fell before the motorcyclist hit me.  

The subsequent months involved me doing a lot of rehabilitation and frequent visits to the doctors office. It broke my heart every time Dr. Mason told my mom and I that I may never participate in sports again. Nevertheless, my mom was a spiritual woman and often told me that GOD's word supersedes any other humanly word and that I should believe in him. At that point I only had two options, feel sorry for myself or be positive. I chose the latter and sixteen months later I was back walking and participating in sports working towards creating my legacy. I guess the moral of this story is that everyone at some point will be faced with adversity and you have a choice as to how you react to it.  We have all been told that we can't do this or will never be able to do that, but if you believe with every ounce of your soul, all of your dreams, aspirations and outcomes will come to fruition.This would only be one of the many obstacles that I would have to face in my life. This is the story of my success and failures. Until next time, BE POSITIVE.


Dwight Phillips